Roles and Permissions Overview

Find your Roles section by clicking  Settings > User Roles from the left side menu in your project on Spark.

When you create a new Team Member, you will need to assign them a role. The default roles in Spark are "Spark Administrator", "Manager", "Marketing", "Sales", "Web Developer" and "Guest". You can add, remove or rename roles to whatever you want, but you should be aware of the different permission levels associated with these roles.


Permissions are applied when creating a new role or editing an existing one. The permission level of each role will determine the level of access that user has to parts of Spark. These levels are predefined by Spark and cannot be changed. Refer to the table for an understanding of these restrictions.

Permission Level Description
Administrator Every project needs at least one administrator. Admins can do everything except add new projects and companies - to do this, please ask Spark for assistance.
Manager The default permission for the default "Manager" and "Marketing" roles. They can do everything admins can, except change role permissions, remove roles, or add new users.
Sales Rep The default permission for the default "Sales" role. Sales reps can do everything managers can except remove contacts, edit or remove inventory, export inventory or contact lists, or alter project settings.
Junior Sales Rep Junior Sales reps can do everything a regular sales rep can, but their contact overview and list are limited to the contacts that are assigned to them.
Designer/Marketer A marketer can create, edit, import, and export email templates. They can also send test templates, but cannot send campaign emails to your database.
Web Developer A web developer can only view api documentation and registration form embed code. They can access and modify contact data through the api but they will not be able to remove any data.
Guest A guest can only view reports and registration form embed code. They won't be able to make changes to any of the data.

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