Invitation & Thank You

There are several ways that people can register for your event. 

Register Through Spark

When you click on your event from the event list in Spark, in the left column are the options to either register an existing contact or create a new contact to register for your event. These contacts will be automatically marked as invited and accepted. 

Distribute the Landing Page URL

You can also simply provide potential registrants with the link to your public page, where they can enter their email to register. Email addresses that are linked to a contact in Spark will register that contact to the event, unlinked email addresses will be created as new contacts. If you are seeing a bunch of new contacts on your system with only email addresses, check the event registrations on their profile - chances are that this is how they have ended up on your system.

Send an Invitation to Your Database

An invitation is just a regular email template with a link to your public RSVP page, but it is a great way to reach out to your database. You are not required to use the default invitation as your template (although you can edit it as much as you want if you like the core elements), but your invitation must include a link to that public event registration page. You can get the link by copying the url from your address bar when you preview the page (the large eye icon next to the title from the Spark event page), or by viewing the Link to Public RSVP page section when you Edit your event.

Once you have selected an appropriate template, you can then send your invitation. You can do this from the event page in Spark, or by creating a new Campaign and manually selecting the template you've preselected as the invitation for this event. Follow the same steps as any other campaign - Behind the scenes, the only thing that's different is that Spark will check that the invitation you're sending is linking to the right event registration page. If it doesn't, we'll let you know and you can double check your event link via one of the methods above with the link in the template you've selected as that event's invitation.

When the event is sent out, the number of invites are logged, so as recipients RSVP, you can see on your event how many of those invitees have responded. This is mostly for data collection - you can create Groups based on invitation status and attendance. All of your invitees, whether or not they responded, will still be accessible on your attendance list in case they decide to show up last minute.

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