Event & Public Page Set-up

From your RSVP dashboard you will see a list of upcoming and past events, if applicable. To create a new event, click the "New RSVP" button.

Fill out the event information as fully as possible - This information will be used in the invitation template that is automatically generated upon initial event creation. If you go back and make changes to the event after it is created, you will have to update the template manually. Ensure that these fields are complete before moving on to the next section.

Below the event information is where you will plug in the design elements for the public landing page for your event. This is the page to which you will direct your contacts to register for your event. The header image will also be used in your invitation template by default. The background image will span the full background of the webpage (it will scale based on the dimensions of the browser window), so ensure the resolution is high enough for large computer screens. The header image can be much smaller (380px wide). File sizes should not exceed 10MB.

If you choose a background color, this will create a semi-transparent overlay of that color on top of your background image. By default, this is set to white to give your background a slightly faded appearance, drawing focus to the event information. You can further enhance this effect by blurring the background. All of these design elements are optional but will go a long way towards giving your page a polished, attractive appearance.

The final section, Invitation & Thank you Emails, can mostly be ignored at this stage as the default invites are automatically selected. You can change this after creating the event if you wish to do so. You can also select who you would like the thank-you email to appear to be from. If you do not select an address from this dropdown, the default will be your company email, if specified, or support@spark.re otherwise.

Once you have created the event, you can move on to getting people registered.

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