Carpenter HTML Imports and Exports

Exporting Email Templates

If you would like to store copies of your templates locally, you can export your Carpenter template by clicking the "Export" icon (beside the floppy disc) in the page header.

Importing Email Templates

If you prefer to create your HTML templates from scratch, or if you have templates from other projects or systems that you would like to have on Spark, you can also import templates from the Emails → Templates page. You can send these templates from Spark, but the caveat is that you will not be able to edit them. The same goes for all imports, even if they are exported Carpenter templates that were reimported at a later date.

When an imported template is sent through Spark we automatically append unsubscribe and view in browser links to the template. This means your original template should not contain these as there will be no way to properly link them after the template has been imported.

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