Deposits & Payments

Once you create a contract, you will be able to create and record deposits and payments on an inventory. Deposits are scheduled in advance and payments can then be logged on those deposits as they are received.

Creating a Deposit

You can add a deposit from either the inventory profile or the contract profile. Scroll to the Deposits widget and click "Add Deposit". 

A modal form will open, where you will then enter the Due Date, whether the deposit should be based on a percentage of the purchase price, or a fixed dollar amount, and what that percentage or dollar amount should be.

Logging a Payment

Once you've entered a deposit/deposits, you will be able to log payments and keep track of the amount paid vs the amount due. 

When you click 'Log Payment', the form that opens will automatically populate with amount remaining for that deposit, as well as the current date. However, you are able to enter multiple separate payments per deposit as well. You can also attach a photo of the cheque or another supporting image if you wish.

Updating Deposits/Payments

If you need to update a deposit or payment, you can click on the deposit in the list to see the details of that deposit as well as a list of any payments made. Click 'Edit Deposit' to edit the deposit, or click on any of the payments to update information.


Reminders are populated in your Spark calendar and are automatically sent a day before the deposit is due, to the user who created the deposit, and/or to the users who have been selected to receive reminders through the deposit structure.  

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