Contract Settings

You can see a full list of your contracts by going to  Contracts > List from the left side menu in Spark.

Before you start creating contracts, however, it's a good idea to ensure you have properly configured your contract settings, which you can access by clicking Settings > Contract Settings.

From this page, you'll see a number of defaults that you can set up to streamline the contract creation process when you reach that stage.  

Selecting a standardized rescission period (in days) will automatically calculate the firm date after the acceptance date is determined. The number of days is calculated as of the zero hour of the day following the acceptance - So, for example, if the rescission period was 7 days, and a contract was accepted at 3pm on Tuesday, the contract would not go firm until the zero hour of the following Wednesday.

If you have set types of discounts that you will be applying regularly to contracts, you can enter those here. Select a name for the discount, choose whether it should be a fixed or percentage-based amount (indicated in your contracts by a currency symbol or '%' respectively), and enter an amount. 

Similarly, you can define default color schemes as well as options and upgrades. These fields accept fixed dollar amounts only. 

At the bottom of the page you will find sections for  Deposit structures and Commission structures. These are explained in greater detail in their own sections, but the same basic principle persists - You can create structures that can be applied to a contract at a later time. 

Revisit this page anytime to update settings or add/remove defaults. 

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