Carpenter Sections

The basic structure of a Carpenter template is a header, a footer, and the body in between. The body is composed of different sections, or widgets. By default, a new template contains a "Photo" section, and a "Text" section. You can add or remove as many sections as necessary from the body. When you hover over a section in the preview window, you'll see that you can also reorder the sections by clicking the "Move" button and dragging the section up or down.

Each section also has its own Settings, which you can manipulate by clicking on the section, and changing the values in the menu that slides in on the left. Padding adjusts the amount of space between the content and the border of the section. Text color defines the default text color for the section. You can also highlight and color individual words using the text editor that spans the top of the page. Background color allows you to specify a background color unique to that widget, and turning on the full-width toggle makes that background span the entire width of the page, as opposed to the standard 600px template width.

Most sections are fairly self explanatory and function exclusively but there are a few that are worthy of extra note.


Use this section to include links to your major social media accounts. If you don't include any valid links, this section will appear empty. Be sure to include the full url (http included) in order for these links to work.


A button is basically a styled link. These are used in our default RSVP invitations, and are an easy way to highlight a call to action for your recipient. Unlike every other section, the button is not actually a widget itself, but will be placed inside another section.

When you click on the Button option under sections, the button settings menu slides in. This is where you will build your button. A preview of your button is available at the bottom of this menu. When you have added the link and styled it to your preferences, simply drag the button preview into the section you want it to appear in. Click on the button again to edit.


The spacer widget is exactly what it sounds like - The only thing to note is that you can adjust the size by dragging the bottom downwards.

Open Content Text

This is a very useful widget if you want to send personalized emails with a template design. As Carpenter informs you when you add this widget, you will not be able to use a template created with this section for a campaign. Its purpose is to be sent out as a single template email. When you create a new single email and select an open content template, you can then populate this section with unique content for your chosen recipients.

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