Availability Board

The availability board is an at-a-glance cross-section of your building. This can be a very useful tool, but if it is not displaying correctly for you (or at all) you may be missing some critical information on your inventory.

  • Building - If you are not using buildings, you don't need to worry about this one. However, if you have defined buildings, you need to make sure that all inventory that should be in that building are assigned to it.
  • Floor - You must include numerical floor values in order for the units to stack properly.
  • Exposure - Exposure determines the left-to-right organization of units on each floor, from North, clockwise to West. The precise exposure is indicated by shaded lines on the sides or corners of each unit on the display corresponding with the direction, ie: a shaded bar on the left side of the unit indicates that it is West-facing.
  • Floorplan - If you have not assigned floorplans to your inventory, the floorplan view will not look any different than the default availability view.


There are a number of different views for the availability board which can be toggled on and off in the menu in the footer. By default, you will see available and sold inventory.

  • Grid Icon - This view compares your sold inventory with floorplans, so you can identify which plans may be slower to sell.
  • Arrow Icon - This just compresses whatever view you have enabled for more of a bird's eye perspective, which can be useful for smaller screens or very tall buildings.
  • Tag Icon - This view shows your inventory layout by status, so depending on your status system you could see not only the sold parts of the building but also the units that have offers on them, etc.

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