Carpenter Basic Options

On the left side of the page is your main toolbox for building your template. Start by giving your template a name that will be easy for you to remember it by in the future.

Default Colors

Underneath the name, click the Default Colors dropdown and you will see inputs for Body Background, Section Background, and Text Color. You can override each of these values in each individual section, but to update the entire template without manually changing each section, you'll want to change those values here.

Header and Footer Settings

Preheader Text, as the placeholder states, is the text that follows the subject line when an email is previewed. This is an important snippet that should inform or pique your recipient's interest, and lets them know that the message is not spam.

The Disclaimer appears at the bottom of the template and can be adjusted or left blank according to your needs.

Like "Sections", the text and background color and width for the header and footer can also be set separately to override the defaults.

Text Editing Toolbar

The toolbar that spans the top of the template builder is not unlike a typical email editor, and works the same way, allowing you to intricately format text and images inside your sections. The best way to familiarize yourself with all of the features in this toolbar is to try them out. A few that are worthy of note:

  • Paste as Plain Text - On the far right of the toolbar there is a little clipboard icon with a T - Use this if you are copy and pasting text copy from other documents into your template. This will remove any potential unwanted formatting that might sneak in and alter the appearance of your email.

  • Tags - To the left of the clipboard is the "Tags" dropdown - You can use these merge tags to personalize your templates with the first and last names of any of your Spark contacts.

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