Contact Ratings

You can customize the names and color of any of your ratings, and add or remove items as you see fit, but Spark does provide a couple of special ratings to help intelligently classify incoming contacts.

Rating Description
New This is the rating that is automatically applied to contacts who register from your Spark web form. It can be a useful way to differentiate contacts who haven't yet been interacted with at a glance. As registrations come in, you can rapidly identify these and assign the contact to one of your representatives with a new rating appropriate to your sales process.
Realtor (default 'Agent') Contacts with this rating behave slightly different on Spark. Their profiles have some minor differences and they are able to have a unique relationship with other contacts and inventories, reflecting their role as a liaison between the two. If you use the Agent widget on your Registration Form, you can make also make an exception to the "New" rating, and automatically assign the "Agent" rating to any agent who registers from your Spark form and checks this box.

Beyond these two ratings, you can enter as many or as few others as you need. In addition to being a useful status marker on individual contacts (you can even view the contact's rating history on their profile), ratings can be useful for grouping contacts. You can use these and other queries to create smart groups, which will automatically populate with any future contacts meeting that criteria. See Contact Groups for more information.

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