Q&A Report and Search

The Q&A report is one of the best tools for harnessing the data you collect from your contacts. To view the report, click on Reports > Report Type > Q&A Report and select the date range you want to search. This generates a graph for each single or multiple response question on your project of all the answers that have been recorded in the given date range.

You can click on any of the bars on the graph, or any of the answers in the Answers Breakdown section, and you will be taken to the Contact Search page with a list of the contacts whose answers match these results. You can then save those contacts as a group, or a smart group, and send targeted emails to these groups based on their responses.

You can also create these groups directly from the Search page in the Search by Questionnaire Response section of the form. Searching for answers with the 'Response Contains' field directly from this form will also search a contact's "other" answers, which may be helpful if you are keeping an eye out for certain keywords.

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