Building Questions

Building questions is fairly straightforward. Below is a description of each of the available fields.

Field Name Description
Question The question you want to ask.
Response Type There are three types of responses - multiple (checkboxes), single (select dropdown), or other (text box).
Required Question Turning this toggle on (green) will mark this question as required on the form when you go to answer it.
Allow "Other" Answer Turning this toggle on (green) will give the contact the option to enter their own answer to the question. You can use this option with any response type.
Possible Answers Here you can enter as many or as few possible answers as your question dictates.

A Note on Updating Questions

If you make any changes to your questions AND you are using the question on your registration forms, please note that any questions you have used on the form will not be updated automatically, nor will any new questions be added. If you are using custom code, your developer may need a new copy of the code in order to get your form up to date. If you are using an iFrame or the Spark-hosted version of the form, you can edit the form in Carpenter to ensure it is up to date.

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