Contact Default Groups

On a new project, you will notice a few groups have been pre-created: All Contacts, Not Contacted, My Contacts, and My New Contacts.

Group Description
All Contacts This smart group will always contain your entire contact database. It is mostly available for mass emailing purposes.
Not Contacted This smart group keeps a list of any contacts in your system who have not had any Spark interactions recorded. Emails are automatically logged as interactions in Spark, but any other interactions should be logged manually by your sales staff.
My Contacts This smart group maintains a list of all contacts that are assigned to the user currently logged in. Keep this in mind if you are using this group to send emails - if you want to send an email to someone else's My Contacts, you must send the email from their account, or create a different group for contacts assigned to that user from your Search page.
My New Contacts You will only see this rating group if you have contacts with the "new" rating assigned to you. This is just like My Contacts, except that it contains only those contacts who have the default rating you have assigned to incoming registrants.

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