Contact List

You can click on any row to go to that contact's profile, but there are many actions that you can perform directly from the contact list. Narrow it down by using the search bar or work with the whole list.

Micro Menu Actions

Micro Menu actions can be found for each contact on the far right side of the row, by clicking the three vertical grey dots. This will bring up a list of options:

  • Change Rating - Change the current rating of the contact to another of your defined ratings.
  • Note - Add a note to this contact's profile.
  • Interact - Log an interaction with this contact.
  • Assign - Assign an inventory, team member or agent to this contact, or assign the contact to a group.
  • Edit - Go directly to the form for editing this contact.
Mass Actions

Mass actions are activated when you use the checkboxes in the list. Check one or more boxes and the menu will drop down from below the page header. You do not have the full range of actions you can take on contacts individually, but these are the most useful actions we have found our users wanting to perform in batches.

  • Assign Rating - Change the current rating of all selected contacts to another of your defined ratings.
  • Add to Group - Add all selected contacts to a group. The group must be a custom group that has already been created.
  • Assign Team Member - Assign all selected contacts to a Team Member.
  • Delete - Permanently delete all selected contacts from the database. This action cannot be undone.

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