Registration Form Embed Options

There are three ways that you can use a Spark Registration form. From the full registration form list, you can find the embed options under the micro-menu on each form card, indicated by the three vertical dots. You can also find these options from within the form editor in the left side menu. 

URL or Link Embed Code

This means that you will direct contacts from your site to the public registration form hosted by Spark, using the URL provided. The form will appear to your users the same way that you see it inthe.

Iframe Embed Code

Similar to the first option, but instead of directing your contacts to a different page, you can embed the form within your existing site. The style and formatting of the form will still appear the way it does within the Registration Form Builder, but this would enable you to place it within the context of your existing branding.

Custom Registration Form

This option provides the greatest range of flexibility. For this method, you would pass the raw form code we provide to your web developer and have them style it entirely according to your specifications, picking and choosing whichever form fields you require. If you choose to implement a custom form, please take a look at our more detailed  Registration Form Developer Guide.

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