Registration Form Builder

* Note that this article has been recently changed to reflect a major upgrade to registration forms. 

If you click on the New Form button, you will enter a registration-form specific version of Carpenter. In Spark, registration forms are composed of several different sections, and you can pick and choose which fields to use, which to require, as well as a variety of customization options for the overall form appearance. 


When you open a new form, the Settings menu will be open by default and you will be required to fill out, at minimum, the registration source and permalink before you can continue editing the form. You can access the form again at any time while editing by clicking the 'Settings' button in the upper left of the page.


Beside the Settings button in the upper right is the Preview button. Click this to check out what your form will look like in desktop, or mobile modes. 


By default, new forms will appear with a photo widget, 'First Name' and 'Email' fields, a submit button and a disclaimer. 'Email' and 'Submit' are required at minimum, all other sections and fields are optional. 

Wide Photo

Provides space to add a banner image to your form.

Wide Text

For you to add a description or any other text that might benefit your registrants.

Contact Info

Click to select which fields you would like to include. Must include Email. Once the section has been added to the form, you can rearrange the fields, choose whether to make them required or not, and toggle them to full/half width.


Select which of your project questions to add to the form, or create a new question. You can rearrange the questions once they've been added. 


Include this widget to leave an open area for a registrant to enter more information about themselves. Their response will be added to their profile in Spark as a Note.


Include this widget to automatically assign the default  "Agent" rating to contacts who identify themselves as agents. For more information on ratings and how agents are treated in Spark, see Contact Ratings.


This button is required to submit the form. Clicking on it will open up a menu to customize many aspects of its appearance.


You can add spacer sections if you want to add more space between each section.


This section can't be removed, but you can hide it or remove the contents if you decide not to use it. 

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