Contract File Management

Everything you need to manage your contract files can be found in the Files section on a contract. Click on any of the files to see more details about the file and the status of any signatories. The star in the top left indicates that file is the primary sales agreement (primary lease agreement on leased units). 

File Uploading and Editing

Click Upload in the top write of the file section on a contract to add a new file. Add a name, mark your primary sales agreement and select if the file has been signed or not on the upload page. 

You can make changes to existing files by clicking the Edit button to the right of the file details. This will give you all the same options as on file upload. You can also change the file itself (unless it’s already been signed) making it much faster to add a signed version when you scan signed paper documents.

Signatory Tracking

Clients using our DocuSign integration can read more about signatory tracking here (DocuSign Signatories). If you aren't using DocuSign on upload you can toggle if the file has been signed. When you select this, you will see the options to choose who signed the file. If a file has already been uploaded click the Select Signatories button and choose your signatories.

Downloading Files

You can download a single file by clicking Download to the right of the file name. Click Download All in the top right to download a zip folder with all the files on that contract labelled with the project, unit, and date.

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