Registered Domains

Spark's mail servers maintain a very good reputation that yields a high rate of delivery, but depending on the email client used by your company or your recipients, sometimes messages will not be delivered, or mistakenly be placed in spam due to the recipient's email client detecting that the email address you are sending from does not match the domain. If you notice this happening, registering the domain you are primarily sending email from is a great option. This eliminates the discrepancy between the sender email address and the sending domain, resolving any potential verification issues.

How do I register my domain?

First, you'll want to go to a project's Email Settings. There you will find the Domain Registration widget, where you will see a form field in which you can enter the domain of your choosing. This must be a domain that you own, and that you primarily plan to send marketing emails from. If most of your emails come from, you will want to register

If someone has already registered a domain on your company, you will also have the option of selecting from an existing registered domain. You can use the same domain on multiple projects, and you only have to verify it once.

How do I verify my domain?

After you enter your domain name and click 'Register', we will generate the DNS records that you will need to add to your domain. Refresh the page if the records are not generated immediately.

At this point, you should see two dropdown menus that contain the required and optional domain records. If you have access to your domain hosting account (ie: GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Amazon Route 53 etc.) and are comfortable adding these records on your own, you can do so now. Alternatively, you can email the records to your network administrator by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right of the Domain Registration widget, and selecting 'Send DNS Records'. For any difficulty in adding these records, please contact your domain hosting service.

An example of a verified domain, because we don't actually own 

Once you are certain that these records have been added, you can return to the Email Settings page in Spark. If your domain status is already marked as 'Verified', you're good to go! If the status is still 'Unverified', click the 'Verify now' button to initiate a request to check the records against your domain. This may take a few moments. If your domain is still 'Unverified' after 24 hours, please contact

Can I change my domain?

Yes - you may only have one registered domain per project at a time, but you can change or remove this domain at any time. In the event that a domain is removed, your emails will default back to sending from Spark's servers.

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