eSignatures with DocuSign

Spark is an official  DocuSign partner. 

DocuSign is  The Global Standard for eSignature®. Used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies they are the most widely used, secure, and easy to use platform for digital signing.

Through this partnership you and your clients can digitally sign contracts that have been generated in Spark.


If you haven't already you will need to contact to enable contract generation and DocuSign for your Spark account. This will also involve sending us a copy of your contract PDFs so we can format them. 

Once the integration has been added to your Spark account you will be able to give Spark access to your company DocuSign account. This can be done under  Settings -> Contract Settings. Let us know if you don't have a company DocuSign account and we can help get you setup. 

In the box labeled DocuSign click Authorize DocuSign. This will take you to a DocuSign login window where you will login using your company DocuSign account credentials. 

After logging in you will be redirected back to Spark. If you have multiple DocuSign accounts select the account you would like to use from the dropdown in Spark. Click Authorize.

Your Spark account is now authorized to access your DocuSign account allowing you to request signatures directly from Spark without having to login to DocuSign again.

Requesting Signatures

Once DocuSign has been setup for your account you will see a button at the top of the contract files section that says Signature Request. Click this and a window will open allowing you to select on a checklist which files and who needs to sign the files. 

You can select from Primary Purchaser, Secondary Purchaser, Agent, and Countersign. All of these people must be present on a contract in order to select them. 

After selecting the signatories click the Request Signatures button. Your contract file will be emailed to each signatory one at a time. 

At this point you will start seeing status updates on that contract's page in Spark. 

Each contract file will have it's own status. Here are the statuses you may see:

Status Definition
Processing This file has been sent to DocuSign requesting signatures.
Sent Docusign has sent this file to one or more signatories.
Delivered All signatories have received and opened the file. (It's unlikely you will see this status unless there is only one signatory, instead your status will remain "Sent").
Completed All signatories have signed the file. 
Voided Either one of the signatories has declined to sign or your company chose to void the contract from within DocuSign.

When you click on a contract file in the list a drawer will open. Here you have the option to view the file (click the View File link) and a list of signatories. Each signatory will also have a status. These statuses are directly related to where the signatory is in the signing process. 

Status Definition
Created A signature request has been created for this person but DocuSign hasn't emailed them the file yet as contracts are sent out one person at a time.
Sent DocuSign has emailed the file to this person.
Delivered They have received the file and opened it in DocuSign.
Signed They have opened the file in DocuSign and signed in at least one place but have not yet clicked finish to complete the signing process.
Completed They have signed in all the required places and clicked finish. At this point the file will be emailed to the next person.    
Declined This person has declined to sign the contract. 

Any time a status changes we will also update the actual contract file in Spark. Click the View File link to see the updated version. After everyone has signed (the contract status is Completed) you will see all the signatures when you open the file.

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