Deposit Structures

Deposit structures can be used to create a standardized deposit schedule that you can easily apply to an inventory when sold. 

They can be created from the contract settings page, which you can access by going to  Settings > Contracts in the left side menu in Spark. 

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to find the widget for deposit structures. You will see a list of structures created (if any) and you can click on the name of each structure to expand it for the details about the deposit(s) it contains.

Use the pencil and trash can icons to edit or delete the structure, respectively. Click on 'New Structure' to create another.

Each deposit structure should have a name and can contain as many deposits as you would like. If one or more of your team members is responsible for tracking deposits, you can also choose to send them the reminders for these deposits anytime a structure is applied. Deposits can currently be only percentage-based, so for each deposit, enter the percentage amount, and the amount of time after which it is due in relation to the contract date (Note: structure will be applied based on the current date if no contract date is present). 

Once you have created your deposit structure (or structures - you can create multiple), you can apply it to a contract, from the inventory view or from the contract view. If you haven't applied a deposit structure, you will see something like this: 

Click the 'Apply Deposit Structure' button to open up a dropdown where you can select the deposit structure to apply. Currently, you can only apply one deposit structure to each inventory.

Once the structure has been applied, you can customize each individual deposit if needed, add more deposits, or log payments. 

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