Commission Structures

Commission structures can be used to create standardized commissions on each contract without having to enter the same information multiple times.

They can be created from the contract settings page, which you can access by going to Settings > Contract Settings in the left side menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to find the widget for commission structures. You will see a list of structures created (if any) and you can click on the name of each structure to expand it for the details about the commission(s) it contains.

Use the pencil and trash can icons to edit or delete the structure, respectively. Click on 'New Structure' to create another.

Each commission structure can contain as many items as you would like, and can contain fixed amounts, percentage amounts, or both. Separate structures should be created for internal and external commissions.

If you are creating a percentage-based commission, one thing to note is that the 'Value up to X' and 'Amount Remaining' options are dependent on one another. For instance, you may have a commission structure in which an agent receives 2.5% on the first $100,000, and 1% on the amount remaining of the purchase price. The amount remaining is a dynamic value that depends on the value on the 'X' value you enter. If you have a more complex commission system, you can easily add the exact values you need on a one-off basis as you create your contracts as well. 

In the Commissions widget on the contract form, you can select the structures you'd like to apply from the dropdown menu, or create new commissions on the spot. The commission structures you select will be applied when you submit the form. By default, internal structures are assigned to the assigned team member on the contract, and external structures are assigned to the assigned agent (if present). These can be updated, assigned a due date and otherwise customized to your needs once they have been created.

When you view the contract on Spark, you will see the commissions presented as a list and calculated with the total dollar amount based on the purchase price. The prefix with the colon (Eg: 'Basic Realtor:') indicates the structure that the commission was applied from, and the name on the far left indicates to whom the commission is assigned. 

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