Follow-Up Schedules

Follow-Up Schedules can be used to assign a series of tasks to complete on any of the leads you enter into your system. Find them under Contacts > Follow-Up Schedules

Creating A Schedule

To create a new follow-up schedule, click the 'New Schedule' button. This will open a form where you can enter a schedule name and as many tasks as you would like. It is a good idea to give each task a descriptive name as this will be the title of the agenda items generated for each contact. Assigning the task type will determine what type of interaction is logged for the contact when the task is completed. The description is an optional field that can be used for any additional instruction. 'Due after' indicates the duration after applying the schedule that the task should take place. This is always in relation to the date the schedule is applied, and not the previous task. 'Time' indicates the time of day the task should be accomplished. If you choose to enable reminders (done on a case by case basis) 

When you are not editing an individual task, it will collapse so that only the title and type are visible. Click on any title to expand that task and edit additional fields further. To add more tasks, click the 'Add Task' button at the bottom of the form. For each task, all fields are required except for the description

Applying a Schedule

Once you have created a schedule, you can then apply it to any contact. You can go back and edit it at any time, but note that the updates will not be applied to contacts who are already in that schedule. 

When you apply the schedule, you can modify the assigned team members (who will receive the calendar notifications), and decide whether or not to implement email reminders for each task as well.

Once the schedule is applied, you will see the tasks in the calendars of the assigned team members as well as on the contact profile. If you change the assigned team members, these tasks will be reassigned to the appropriate calendar. You can also modify any of these events on an individual basis.

If the task type is Phone, Meeting, or Sales Centre, marking the task as complete will automatically log an interaction on that contact. If the task is an email, the interaction will be logged after the email is sent. 

Removing a Schedule

If the contact status changes and you want to apply a new schedule, or remove them from the existing schedule, you can do this, but note that any future incomplete tasks on the existing schedule will be removed and you will not be able to restore the contact to their place in that schedule once this has been submitted.

If you want to delete a schedule, you can do so without affecting any tasks that have already been applied to contacts, but you will no longer be able to see which contacts are in the schedule that has been removed. 

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