Registration Form Anti-Spam

Every public website runs the risk of receiving spam, but Spark has taken measures to mitigate these risks and protect our users from invalid registrations.

Each of our forms are shipped with a basic javascript validation - there is a field named 'are_you_simulated' that is hidden on page load and must be left blank. As many spambots blindly complete all fields, this is enough to filter out most of the culprits.

For clients who require a different solution, Recaptcha is an optional security feature that can be used with custom Spark forms (see more under developer guide). We do not currently have an integration for Spark-hosted forms (see Embed Options), but if you are building a custom form for your project, and you are concerned about spam, you can talk to your developer about implementing Recaptcha to block any suspicious registrations. Recaptcha has a Developer Guide with detailed instructions on how to implement this feature - the only thing we need on Spark is the Secret Key that your developer will receive when they register for the Recaptcha API. 

To use Recaptcha effectively, you should also enable the 'Require Recaptcha' setting (toggle should be green) in the individual Settings for the registration form you are posting to. This will ensure that all registrations without a Recaptcha response are rejected. If you would like to have another form without a Recaptcha widget (for example, some users have created email-only newsletter sign ups), you can create a separate form in Spark and post to that URL instead. 

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