Project Setup

A lot of your project set-up will be covered/assisted by the Spark team, but there are still a number of steps that you should take on your own to enhance your experience with the software when you're first getting started. Refer to this checklist and the corresponding instructions below to get familiar with these options.


  • Set Project defaults

  • Set Roles & Permissions

  • Set Ratings & Statuses

  • Upload floorplans (if available)

  • Review imports (ie inventory exposures, etc present?)

  • Add Project Questions

  • Add Email Accounts

  • Set up Registration Form

Set Project Defaults

Once the Spark team has initialized your project and you've received your login, you can edit it by clicking Settings > Edit in the left side menu.

Here you can set the defaults for your project, including currency, unit of measurement, and whether the project is primarily for lease or sale. You can also enter a building address if applicable (country is required regardless), and customize your Dashboard theme by selecting a color and image.

If your project has multiple buildings, you can specify them here. Note that if you do specify buildings, your inventory MUST be assigned to this building in order for it to correctly display on the availability board. Inventory Types are the default types that you will be able to select when creating new inventory on Spark.

Options and Upgrades become relevant when you reach the contract phase. You are able to enter these on an individual basis, but including a list of common defaults on your project means you will be able to simply check off whichever options apply when a new contract is created. This will also help us to collect more accurate data on how many of each option are being selected, and what the combined value of these additions are.

Set Roles & Permissions

If you are the account administrator, you should review the available roles and permissions that you can assign to your team members. You can call the role anything you want, but be aware that the permission you assign to it will be associated with specific abilities that may limit a team member's access within Spark. See Roles & Permissions for a more in-depth look.

Set Ratings & Statuses

If your contact or inventory data already have ratings and statuses, and if you have the opportunity to set your ratings and statuses on Spark before you import your data, it may be a good idea to do so. There are a few "special" ratings within Spark, and if you sync up the names of these to the ones on the contacts and inventory you are importing, then you won't have to reassign them later on. Rather than change the values in your spreadsheet, just change the rating names on Spark to the ones you're already using. See more in Ratings & Statuses.

Add/Upload Floorplans

In order to properly display your inventory availability board, you should have floorplans on Spark(Inventory > Floorplans). When you create a new floorplan, Spark assigns it a color, and that color is how we visually organize the board. If you include floorplan names with your inventory import, then Spark will create a placeholder "floorplan" for you, but you will need to add the PDF file yourself.

Review Imports

The cleaner your data, the quicker we can get it into Spark! Your Spark representative will help you structure your CSVs to get all of your data in the right places.

Add Project Questions

Are there questions you want to ask the contacts who register on your project? Set these up before creating your registration form, especially if you intend to use the custom form code. See more under Project Questionnaire.

Add Email Accounts

You may wish to send emails from addresses other than your own or your team's Spark login emails. You can add more of these emails under Email Accounts.

Set up Registration Form

When all of the above has been addressed, you're ready to set up your registration form and start funneling leads into your system. For a detailed guide on setting up your form, see Registration Forms.

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